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10 Common-sense tips for Tech Startups


Starting a technology startup is daunting. With the right idea and approach, it can be a very rewarding experience. As an entrepreneur, it’s so important to have a solid understanding of the industry you operate in, your target audience, and your goals.

In this post, I’ll cover ten common sense tips for tech startups. Hopefully these tips will get you one step closer to achieving your goals!

It’s not about the ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.
Scott Belsky, Behance Co-founder.

1) Have a clear and concise business plan: Your business plan will help you map out your strategy, goals, and objectives. It will also help you identify your target audience, competitors, and performance indicators. If everything goes as planned, this will be your template for success. If you pivot early due to changes in product or market, this may quickly become irrelevant, and that’s ok.

2) Focus on your core competency: Identify what your company does that is unique and focus on what you do best. Don’t try to be everything to everyone.

3) Build a strong team: Network and find employees who are passionate and skilled. You ay not have a lot to offer other in terms of revenue but the right people will believe in you and your idea. If you get a bad apple, move on quickly.

4) Network and build relationships: Attend industry events, join networking groups, and build relationships with other entrepreneurs, investors, and potential partners. These relationships will come in handy!

5) Stay on top of industry & product trends: You built something or developed an idea far enough to start a business around it, now you need keep up with the latest trends and innovations. Attend conferences, read publications, and pay attention to what successful people in your industry are doing.

6) Innovate and iterate: Continuously develop your product or service. Get feedback from early customers and make adjustments as necessary.

7) Focus on your customers, especially the early ones: Keep your customers happy, respond quickly to their feedback, and delivering a high-quality products or service.

8) Be mindful of cash flow: Pay attention to your cash flow closely and keep your expenses under control. Limit purchases that you can defer, like office space. Consider seeking funding from investors or crowdfunding platforms if necessary but make sure you understand the implications of this.

9) Protect your intellectual property: Protect your company’s intellectual property. Not everything warrants a patent but understand what you have and what is out there. Don’t forget about trademarks, and copyrights either. Be mindful who you share your IP with.

10) Be ready to fail: It’s fine to fail! Make changes, adapt, start-over, whatever you need to do. Just make sure to learn from your mistakes and improve. You only have to be right once.

Starting a technology startup is complex, and that’s good, otherwise everyone would do it. With a clear vision, a solid business plan, a good idea, and a focus on your customers, you have a great chance of building a successful business.

Remember to stay agile, informed, and motivated. This is not for the faint of heart, with any luck and a lot of hard work, you can achieve your dreams. Best of luck!

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